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Vyt/ness Club (successive courses of drawing, painting)

  • Upon completion of any course deals with VytFit can continue to follow the stages / levels.

  • You can also continue the course with a different focus (eg, mono rate after drawing can be established for one painting courses, or vice versa)

  • One alternative continuation can be selected individual program (eg, paint your own favorite themes), specialization in a particular area, theme, genre, technique .... (eg rate of classical drawing and painting, focusing on acrylic and oil painting, figurative drawing, portrait, landscape, or purely non-figurative art-abstraction, etc.) During the course, you can also work with your own artwork

  • Although successive courses of drawing, painting offers everything that is generally abound - call for regularity - offer plenty of space and physical well-being - providing guidance and a helping hand - there are complete material and equipment

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