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Where and when to contact the lecturer site

The working day courses take place in ATELIÉR PATRÓNKA, Gaštanová 8, Bratislava 811 04 - old city.

(Bus: 32 directly from hl.stanice, 204, 206, 209 and 212, Siemens station, 5 minutes from the city center, parking on the street Bárdošova., Grape Street behind the post office, or Ladzianskeho ul.)

It takes place entries (records) ) in terms of new courses and related programs starting during the month of January,February 2013. Acceptance of entries and reserves + provide information about the new terms being e-mail, telephone, or in person at the week 14 to 19 hours.

Infoline: 0905 / 114 118 E-mail: vytfit@vytfit.sk Registration

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