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VytFit/ card - Make it easy Gift Vouchers

Through the gift voucher you can at any time of the year presents for your loved ones, partner, partner, family member, friend, colleague, partner or its employees.

  • Voucher may be issued for one person for one or more of the courses offered.

  • It is possible to purchase universal vouchers (gifted his choice from the menu), or special voucher for a course

  • The ideal solution to obtain vouchers, it is a personal purchase, the agreement directly to VytFit courses.

  • The alternative is to send bills for free (after paying the full amount for the course to VytFit account) in an envelope to the address of the applicant (Slovak mail delivery in 1-max 3 days)

  • After donating vouchers are advised to contact the donee and VytFit himself can choose the day and time of the beginning of the course that best suits his

  • Voucher is valid for a period which is marked or inscribed on the back (usually 2 months after purchase)

Discount program / when paying multiple bills for one person
When you buy 1 voucher / per course = the price of the same
2 vouchers / for two courses = is left / € 5
3 vouchers / for three courses = is left / € 8

Sales and personal collection of bills being: Mon-Thr until to 20h >> Contact, Order