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"The creative sequence", or the path of light art techniques and styles

(12 week course, 2x60 min, 1 per week, 4-6 people per group)

The series of art techniques and styles of a creative program, open to everyone (regardless of age and previous experience), who has the desire and commitment to creatively implement, although the final art in elementary school has been more than a decade. The course is based on mapping a fresh story of art history (with emphasis on the late 19th through the 20th century to the present), the participants are the transformations through creative probes into its most significant period. Do chronologically successive dejstiev course participant enters active, always with a different lens (through study-creative tasks drawings, paintings, prints ...), vciťujúc on the role of the creator of the period (style).So with each new challenge, always in relation to earlier, increasing insight into perspective, a new experience, technical and expressive potential of a variety of implementation options. As part of the familiarization Alphabetically drawings and paintings (with the use of elements of art therapy) ), the party faces exempt non / conventional perception, visual daring operations, experiments, creative action, but also of meditative positions. Through entry into the world of modern and contemporary art is a reflection / image of their own identity, a sense of enjoyment of life, as evidenced by his final series of meaningful works. The course is so with its originality, universal concepts (suitable for beginners as so experienced), may be an ideal starter flat for hidden talents lay navigator painters, place the horizon or the extension field for creativity tvorivcov from other areas such as art, but also a preparatory haven for prospective students, the middle or high school.

Program of the course:
  • Familiarity with elementary, conventional imaging procedures traditional themes (still life, portrait, figure, landscape, ...), with options for basic draftsmanship and painting means of expression, the principles of composition, working with color, etc.

  • Experimenting with actual art techniques in media drawings, paintings, prints (spatial formation). Uncovering the particularities of the disciplines in the relationship and complementarity with other media such as photography, music, film, advertising, media, digital media, etc.

  • The participant will meet with technique drawing charcoal, chalk, pencil, pen, dry and oil pastels, painting with tempera, oil, acrylic and watercolor paints, the basics of color graphics, and a number of combined techniques.

  • The program of the course is based on the personalities of the world of art, their works, ideas, artistic methods and processes. In addressing these themes, given the emphasis on the discovery process and taking their own attitudes to the given topics. (Everyone will take home more than 25 original creations).

  • The meeting is open to any conversation, discussion on each topic are available in Annex text and images (video projection). The course is also simple orientovateľnosti in history, and the ability of creative reflections in other areas of life, the ability of a comprehensive perception of art, work of art, its meaning and mission.

  • For the more active are offered homework, as well as the opportunity for increased visits can be a real participation in the joint or execution of a separate exhibition.

Price 12 weekly creative course sequence is 99.5 € / person.

Price includes complete materials and tools (tempera, acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, chalk, pencil, dry and oil pastels, brushes, spatula, cardboard, painting board, paper A2, A3, latex, chalk, erasers, ink and other materials).

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