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Course, timetable, prices, attendance
  • VytFit offers 3 monthly courses, as well as 2 months, and other programs with free continuing. (Meetings 12 and 8 weekly courses are held once a week, 2x 60min in each time from 16 h to 18 h and from 18 h to 20 h, on the day of your choice. There are also weekend dates: Saturday or Sunday from 14 to 16h).

  • He works in the chamber atmosphere (in 4 to 6-member group), space permitting intensive, individual approach and flexibility training. Every meeting is marked by a new spirit (processes are always different topic).

  • Courses take place under the guidance of trainer when. painter, artist and experienced teacher.

  • Sign up and begin training selected is possible at any time of the month throughout the year. Ideal and recommended, however, these dates: winter (January, February), with the arrival of spring (April...), summer (June, July) and autumn (September, October).

  • CURRENT PRICES (DISCOUNT - 30%! All prices are after discount)

    CREATIVE SEQUENCE 12 week course 99,50 €/person
    IMITATION REALITY 12 week course 99,50 €/person
    BW DRAWING 12 week course 95 €/person
    MINI VYTFIT 10 week course 99,50 €/person
    PREPARING FOR EXAMS 12 week course 95 €/person
    OIL Painting 8 week course 95 €/person
    5 week course 80 €/person
    ACRYLIC 8 week course 95 €/person
    5 week course 80 €/person
    AKVAREL 8 week course 99,50 €/person
    5 week course 85 €/person
    HAPPY PASTEL 8 week course 99,50 €/person
    5 week course 85 €/person
    COMICS Arena 10 week course 95 €/person
    ABSTRACT painting 8 week course 99,50 €/person
    ARTEZOZNAMKA 3 day course 90 €/person
    Vyt/ness Club free follow-up programs: the price is the same
    TEAM SPIRIT 2 hour workshop by people agreement/5-7 persons
    GARDEN STUDIO outdoor course - price as the odds
    Impressions at sea weekly stay creative - in preparation

  • All prices include VAT and include a complete materials and tools for the given course

  • Methods of payment: advance, to wipe the account number: 20258463/ 6500 (as a variable symbol enter your name), ), or in cash at the first meeting (income treasure. Pad)

  • During the course should be completed within the agreed time all game. Excused early hours can be replaced.

  • Special requirements (absence of the holiday season, due to a business trip, holiday etc.) can accommodate up to a personal agreement.

  • If interested, it is possible for an individual, couple or group, issue the certificate / certificate of internal courses attended drawing, painting, wipe