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Art relax centrum VytFit, initially Re-creative studio, offers for public (young people, adults, seniors, couples and groups) nonstandard, experienced space to develop creative skills, Vyt/ness atelier to discover new things together with active relax. Drawing, painting and art technique courses are in VytFit perfect alternative of free time activities for all generations and levels of art fans, amateurs and absolute strangers. Participation condition is not talent but enthusiasm for creation, willingness and free-heartedness for new challenges.

CREATIVE SEQUENCE – Art, inventive-experimental course
12 weeks program, based on authentic mapping of art history in form of creation interactive recordings of drawing, painting, graphic, using large scale art techniques. Intensive form for all levels and generations.
REALITY IMITATION – basic classic drawing and painting course
Integrated drawing, painting art course, based on realistic presentation, truly transcription of sighted reality. Tempera, pastel, oil, gouache, acrylic, watercolour...
PREPARATION COURSE for acceptance, talent tests
For secondary school and university, consultative workshops, service proposal to create photo album of own creations.
ACRYLIC – Creative painting techniques from A to Z
Not difficult familiarization with acrylic paint drawing and painting techniques and principles. Each from 8 linked courses is individual project specialized to specific area.
Oil painting courses focused on easy and fast basic techniques mastering. This art program is suitable also for absolute beginners. Working with non-smelling material, without harmful exhalations.
WATERCOLOUR – Watercolour painting technique course + drawing basics
Do you aspire to paint your own landscape, still life, person or portrait? Watercolour opportunities are regarding application extensity almost exhaustless. Result depends on drawer skills and promptness, therefore the course insists also to strengthen drawing basics and level.
HAPPY PASTEL – Drawing and painting with dry pastel techniques course
Pastel is unique art technique on boundary between painting and drawing, by which colours are not mixed on the palette, but medium is mixed, blended and mulled directly on the paper. In this way established relationship between hand and medium is comparable with relationship between sculptor’s hand and pottery.
Comic strip art
Familiarize with drawing, painting 2D, 3D figure basics (best known characters from comic world and fantasy), create your own picture series, graphic mini roman, experimenting with art techniques outgoing from graffiti, comic expressive forms and other visual media pop culture.
BW DRAWING – Drawing world for everyone
Basic classic drawing art courses, extensive drawing – additional course, life model drawing...
ABSTRACT COURSE (painting abstraction) – “6 senses story”
Not difficult painting program based on creation of art transposition of experiences and skills basic human senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, 6. sense) on background of elementary natural events, musical, psychology, spirituality stimulation and so on. To each sense in continuous arc are tied special tasks, to which participant response with creativity and choses expressional analogy in drawing and painting media.
ARTE MEATING-PLACE – 3 days with art on new-tread way
Courses intent to familiarize with traditional drawing, painting procedures and experimenting with art techniques, through own paintings creation
TEAM SPIRIT (indoor, outdoor) for company teams
Relaxing, creative-amusing art courses, workshops and also social activities for companies, teams, targeted to support and develop team cooperation, working environment improvement, motivation and relationships.
MINI VYTFIT – Drawing, painting courses for children
Talent, art feeling and skills improvement for children from 9 to 14 years, who can work unattended without parent’s accompaniment. The course is oriented to discovering and experimentation with different art media, creative activities, games with colours and shapes. Part of course is drawing, painting favourite motive, persons, animal and human heroes. For older children accent is put on drawing basics and working with colours.
Free continuation of art courses in their linked levels. Specialization, further in art techniques world...
GARDEN ATELIER/exterior studio
Choose one from offered courses VytFit and attend it in confortable environment in Bratislava centre.
IMPRESSION AT THE SEE – Relax/open air/residence course in countryside
Drawing, painting, experienced, creative-experimental courses, 3 days or one week summer workshops, art variations in impressive environment.
VYTFIT/CARD – Gift voucher for art courses
By means of gift voucher you have possibility at any time to endow art course your prochain, partner, family member, friend, colleague, business associate or your employee.

*VytFit invites all interested persons to drawing, painting courses from regions: Bratislava, Pezinok, Nitra, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Trnava, Martin, Trencin, Kosice, Presov, Brno