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COURSES oil painting

(8 or 5 week course of basic classical oil painting, 1 week, 2 x 60 min., 4-6 people per group)

The course will understand and successfully use the technique of painting with oil paints easily, efficiently, without lengthy theory sessions of recipes and books. Each of the 8 each successive lesson course is specifically focused on a specific area. The course is designed for beginners as well as experienced, with no age restrictions.

About 8 weekly rate of oil paintings:

  • All of the procedures and methods of preparation of the surface, (painting cardboard, canvas, hardboard etc.), the essentials of color, their way of mixing and application, the substance of history. (Participant, if interested, can get over the learning annex text with all the necessary information).

  • Techniques sketch the construction of the image, overlapping layers and color correction. (Anyone acquainted with the specifics of painting still life, portrait, figure and landscape).

  • Direct techniques, spatula and brush, shading, gradation tones, modulation of color, glaze and sgraffito effects, imprimitúra a tinted background, alla prima technique.

  • Practical analysis techniques of painting Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne. (Illustrative, practical explanations of how to achieve the depth of the country to paint the sky with clouds, and the sea and the waves, the method of modeling color portrait, figure, still life, etc.).

  • Copy and paraphrase masterpiece. Oil painting today, com-bi-no-va-tion technique.

Price 8 weekly oil painting course is 95 € / person Price 5 weekly model is 80 € / person.

(The price includes a complete materials and tools. Nepáchnucimi works with paints and solvents are not necessary or protective sleeves).

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