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IMITATION REALITY - Course foundations of classical drawing and painting

(12 week course the foundations of classical drawing and painting, 1 week, 2 x 60 min, 4-6 people per group)

For fans of traditional disciplines, genres (still life, portrait, figure, landscape etc.), is an integrated course offered in classic, drawing and painting studies. The program is concerned with the acquisition of craft skills through mostly realistic studies (transcripts vision of reality according to patterns and models) and learning the expressive possibilities of the basic means of expression (point, line, shape, stain), while the acquisition of the principles of composition, perspective, knowledge of anatomy, working with color, etc. The aim of the course is to convey the deepest insight into the problems of the foundations of art that can party after its completion to further develop in the downstream course. Program instruction is variable and can therefore be focused solely on one area, for example portrait drawing and painting, as well as adapted to the special requirements of the candidates they represent the future creators of animation and design.

Program 12 week course of basic drawing and painting:

  • Analysis of spatial objects (drawing and painting still lifes, curtain, design composition, drawing ...)

  • Portrait of a plaster model (drawing, painting, hands, feet, head, color sketch, gradation tones ...)

  • Painting the head by a live model (a technique of painting with oil paints, wallpaper, color effects, lip ...)

  • Standing and seated figure (drawing and painting act anatomy of the human figure ...)

  • Country and perspective (construction of the country, the relationship between depth and color ...)

Price 12 weekly rate imitation of reality is 99.5 € / person.

Price includes complete materials and tools (tempera, acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, chalk, pencil, dry and oil pastels, brushes, spatula, cardboard, painting board, paper A2, A3, latex, chalk, erasers, ink and other materials).

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Rudolf D. (30)

Petra Š. (18)