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Black and white drawings - drawings for each

(12 week course, 2x 60min, 1 per week, 4-6 people per group)

Program 3 months, enlarged drawings integrated course focuses broadly. The content of the course is the acquisition of basic skills of draftsmanship through familiarity with the basic techniques and methods of construction image as a prerequisite to optimal coping realistic portrait drawing, figure, nude, still life (spatial objects in perspective) drawings and landscape scenery. In about 20 on successive, material studies (according to patterns and models) to communicate with each angle drawing techniques, chalk, pencil, chalk, pastel and pen, combined with techniques and free experimentation. The course is designed for beginners laity who want to learn how to draw, while more experienced for all who work with paint still want to wait for it or you did not create a relationship. Program instruction is variable and can therefore be focused solely on one area, for example. portrait or figure drawing, act, or adapted to the requirements of special candidates who represent the future creators of animation and design.

Program 12 week course Drawings:

  • Analysis of spatial objects (still life drawing, draping, design composition, drawing, linear drawing...).

  • Portrait of a plaster model (drawing fragments of faces, arms, legs, head, Valerie, gradation tones...).

  • Head drawing portrait, self-portrait (combined techniques, background effects, lip...)..

  • Standing and seated figure, figural composition (drawing act anatomy of the human figure...).

  • Country and perspective (landscape design, perspective...).

Price 12 week course "black and white drawings - drawing for everyone" is 95 € / person. Price includes complete material and equipment.

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Michal T. (23)

Adrián H. (46)