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(10 week course, 2x60min, 1 per week, 4-6 people in a group, this art program is suitable for beginners)

Familiarize yourself with the basics of drawing, painting 2D, 3D figures (the world's most famous comic book characters and fantasy), create your own series of paintings, graphic mini-novel, experiment with art techniques stemming from the expressive forms of graffiti, comics and other visual media, pop culture.

Tired of you have only read comic books? To start a new drawing graffiti, cartoons, but you are missing the basics of art? Hiding your table interesting drawings, sketches from childhood to shoot time? Weigh in more and come to draw his first, a sequence of images and color images of your favorite heroes. The program of the course is designed so that each meeting was the result of independent living image (study, sketch or color), which becomes part of your evolving visual narrative as a whole. Proper design and layout a series of images to create the final meeting, a surprising visual story. Program instruction is variable and can therefore only be focused on one area, for example. drawing Manga characters, superheroes, creating cartoons, caricatures and customized spec. requirements of future creators of animations, design, painting, drawing on the artistic graffiti and other forms of media. The course is also approaching the phenomenon of pop culture to a wider audience.

Price 10 weekly creative course "Comic-Arena" is 95 € / person

Price includes complete materials and tools (tempera, acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, markers, pens, chalk, pencil, pastels, brushes, tieňovacie foil, cardboard, painting board, paper A2, A3, latex, chalk, erasers, ink and other material).

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