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ACRYLIC - Creative painting techniques from A to Z

(8 or 5 week course of basic drawing and acrylic painting, 1 week, 2 x 60 min., 4-6 people in a group program is designed for beginner and intermediate)

The course offers easy familiarity with the techniques and procedures of painting with acrylic paints. Each of the 8 sessions on successive course is a separate project aimed at a specific area. The program is designed for everyone, no age restrictions.

About 8 weekly acrylic painting course:

  • The procedure and process for the preparation of the substrate, selection and use of media, essential to the colors of their way mixing and application (available as text attachments with all the necessary information).

  • Techniques sketch the construction of the image transparent and opaque painting techniques. (work with 2 types of acrylic paints) ) Learn about the specifics of painting still life, portrait, figure and landscape scenery.

  • Techniques of painting brushes, scrapers and other tools (for different types of paper and board šepsované canvas), tinted surfaces, shading, gradation tones, color modulation, masking, sgraffito effects and Varnish, dispersing, IMPASTO, creating structures.

  • Visual, practical explanations of how to achieve the cosmetic effects, aerial perspective, depth country than to paint the sky with clouds, sea and waves, way of modeling color portrait, figure, still life, etc.

  • Analysis, copy and paraphrase the famous art + Combined techniques. Everyone will take home more than 14 paintings and studies.

Price 8 ACRYLIC weekly rate is 95 € / person Price 5 weekly model is 80 € / person.

(The price includes complete material and equipment: - 2 types of acrylic paints, brushes, media, graphite, rubber, paper, našepsované pad painting canvas on a frame. Works with nepáchnucimi materials are not necessary or protective sleeves).

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