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COURSE ABSTRACTION (abstract painting) - "The story 6 senses"

(8 week course of drawing, painting, 8 meetings 1-2x a week for 60 min., 4-6 people in a group program for beginners and intermediate)

You are among admirers of non-figurative (abstract) genre? Already weary of creation according to reality, obmaľovávaním specific nature, or you just feel that your attempts to capture the fact draftsmanship make sense? Try to take the other to the other end, let us convert the world the most distinctive styles and expressive possibilities of abstract painting. "The story of the six senses" is unassuming paint program based on creating original visual transpositions experience and experience of basic human senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, 6th sense) in the background of simple natural phenomena, incentives music, psychology, spirituality, etc. For each of the senses is a continuous curve themes bind specific tasks for which the participant selects and responds creatively expressive analogies in the medium of painting and drawing. As in other courses, go on acquiring new experiences in contact with art methods, techniques, ideas of key figures of history, discovering new, acquiring and deepening draftsmanship and painting skills, familiarity with the art Alphabetically proven way: "We learn from the old masters ". Objectives will not be technically challenging and time consuming kópie svetových originals, but a free and playful, according to taste, and feeling his own choice can become inspirational sources. Enjoy yourself and others a series of single images and imagination rozväzujúcich

Price 8 week course "story 6 senses" (course abstract painting) is 99.50 euros / person

Price includes complete materials and tools (tempera, acrylic, oil and gouache paint, graphite, charcoal, dry and oil pastels, brushes, spatula, cardboard, painting board, paper A2, latex, chalk, erasers, ink and other materials).

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Eva M. (20)

Jaroslava G. (25)

Boris I. (31)