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HAPPY PASTEL - Techniques of drawing and painting pastel

(8 or 5 week course dry painting technique pastel drawing basics +, 8 meeting-1x a week 2x 60 min., 4-6 people in a group program is designed for beginner and intermediate)

Pastel is a unique visual interface technique for paintings and drawings, in which there is no mixing of colors on the palette, but overlapping, blending, grinding directly on the paper. The newly created relationship between the hand and the material is comparable to the relationship between the hand and the clay sculptor. If you desire to paint landscapes of your dreams, beautiful still lifes, flowers, portrait, figure, or anything else, pastel technique allows you to express your ideas and aesthetic way of interpreting shapes and colors with a minimal amount of complex equipment. Let dominate the wonderful excitement of the painting that you experience when working with their own fingers, which gives the feeling that one color straight stems.

About 8 week course:

  • The fundamentals of drawing, sketch, composition, perspective, color harmony-the essentials of color, their method of application, mixing, linear and tinted drawing, painting toes

  • Choice of subject matter, techniques, sketches, construction, painting, techniques valérovania, gradation, layering, familiarization with the specifics of painting still lifes, flowers, objects in perspective, landscape, portrait, animal and human figures, act.

  • Special techniques (for different types of paper), shading, gradation tones, color modulation, special effects, image simplification, finishing-fixation

  • Visual, practical explanations of how to achieve aerial perspective, the atmosphere, the depth of the country, such as plastic paint effects, sky with clouds, flowers, the sea and the waves, the method of modeling color portrait, figure, still life, etc.

  • Optical copy, copy and inspiring paraphrase the famous work, combined techniques, watercolor-pastel, acrylic pastel, tempera-pastel. Everyone will take home more than 14 paintings, pictures, and study

Price 8 PASTEL weekly rate is € 99.50 / person Price 5 weekly model is 85 € / person.

(The price includes complete material and equipment: quality sets and other pastel colors, pencil, rubber, various spec. Paper Flap brush, tape, fixative spray-fixing pastel fixative. No. protective covers are required).

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