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Why attend VytFit 5x

  • Originality
    Author presents integrated model, a new generation of creative courses for complete beginners and those found previously undiscovered capturing and passion, and without the procurement of expensive paint and tools, developing its relationship to various art techniques and production positions.

  • Quality
    High standard of service, effective teaching in small groups, proven years of experience, professional guidance of experienced tutors, informal approach, material comfort.

  • Efficiency-Each week a new flavor 1.2 images
    Viactýždňové rate models allow efficient distribution and concentration of power in a fully self sufficient 2-hour doses. This form is ideal for regular workers relax, extremely busy people but also students.

  • Price
    In the center of efforts to VytFit client is satisfied, the principle of "give more than to receive" is also reflected at affordable prices and discounts. The conversion price of one hour of instruction (60 min), moves
    (depending on the type of course), 3.96 to 5.94 euros VAT (including material).

  • Perspective
    Rate encourage and develop in you the essentials right direction. Lighten the prejudices, dogmas and cliches, enhance self-confidence, release tension, expand their horizons. The VytFit grow and move forward.

Make yourself happy and others formed part of